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In order to accurately present this observation, I have included numerous links of resources, videos, documentation and archaeological discoveries that provide the necessary information for the reader to comprehend the enormity of what is being presented.

When we research the available history of the Cherokee, we mostly find data highlighting the Cherokee and Moravian relationship, such as their evangelistic outreach in Georgia and North Carolina, their accompaniment on the “Trail of Tears” and even the building of schools on the reservation in Oklahoma. However, the history of the Cherokee people and their spiritual destiny goes much further back prior to the time of encountering the Moravians. This in no way makes light of the incredible sacrifice by the Moravians for their great work in bringing so very many Cherokee souls into the Kingdom of God.

While there certainly being a good amount of written history documenting the story of the Cherokee from the mid 1800’s forward, there is definitely a lack of written information prior to that period as their history goes back literally thousands of years earlier.

After reviewing a number of books documenting the discovery of Indian Mounds, I found that many of the archeological discoveries include Hebrew writings and symbols showing that there was direct evidence of a very early Hebrew influence. At the same time, much of the discovered “Indian Mounds” demonstrated the influence of Egyptian architecture. Even the “Cherokee Wampum Belt” of their history passed down from generation to generation looks very Egyptian hieroglyphic in its symbols and pictorial depictions demonstrating an ancient style of communication.

So, where are we going with all of this? Read on and I’ll try to connect the dots that begin to develop an incredible picture of The Lord’s master plan for the influence of the descendants of Abraham becoming more numerous that the stars in the sky or the sands of the sea, meaning impossible to count. His great plan was to fill the earth with His Glory even by sending His “Chosen” into America to establish the true worship of Jehovah, right at the very founding of this continent.

1. A Journey of Discovery

Back in the late 90’s early in my walk with the Lord, I attended a “ Convocation” hosted by Tom Hess; about helping the Jewish people make “Aliyah“ meaning a returning to Israel. Ironically, I was attending a church at the time that preached the perverted doctrine of “Replacement Theology.”

Being very new in The Lord, I still felt that something was off as I was developing a hunger for Hebrew Roots teachings, as I knew that there was something more than what I was being taught where I was currently going to church. I was really only attending the weeklong conference on the first day to hear Rick Joyner and Myles Monroe speak with no intention of staying after that as I had other plans.

The conference had many speakers/intercessors from around the world sharing encounters and prophetic words regarding the times to come and the impact that it would have on the Jewish people.

As the First Nations people got up to share their destiny of being a shelter and help to their Jewish brothers when the persecutions arise, I was hit for the first time in my life with a spirit of travail and hit the floor hyperventilating in the midst of much tears and travail. God had certainly gotten my attention!

Needless to say, I never left the conference that week, but learned quite a bit about the spiritual connection between Native Americans and the Jewish people. There were some very intriguing puzzle pieces beginning to form for me, but honestly, I had no idea of what the picture would look like that these pieces could possibly fit into and where The Lord was leading me.

“It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of kings to search it out”

(Proverbs 25: 2)

Fast forward to December of 2016 when The Lord gave me a dream that rocked my world with an insight into the destiny of our continent and the origins of its inhabitants. Little did I know what He was about to reveal! This one dream led me down a journey that eventually would unfold the origins, history and destiny of the Cherokee and the significance of their return to Moravian Falls.

2. The Dream

In my dream, my wife and I were walking down a gravel road that I somehow sensed was an ancient path. I seemed to be looking for something as I began to dig into the path in a couple of places, but not finding what I was looking for, I covered up the holes that I had just dug. On the third attempt, I discovered the entrance to a cave where I found a key and handed it to Judy, stating that it is an Acura key, but not for the car. (I still have not received the meaning of this as of yet)

Further into the cave, I found another key hanging on a string going across the width of the cave and because of the weight of the key it formed a “V” in the middle of the string. I recognized the key as I had a few locks the utilized this same type of key, it was a high security “Master Lock Key”. Then we sensed someone was approaching, so I took the key, covered up the cave entrance and left.

What I heard in the dream was “Kincaid’s Cavern or possible Kenya’s cavern.” That was the end of the dream, but the beginning of an incredible adventure!

In the morning as I was relaying the dream to my wife and some close friends, we then began to Google the name Kenya and seemed to come up blank, but when he searched out “Kincaid’s Cavern”, we hit major pay dirt!

It seems that a Smithsonian researcher named Colonel Kincaid rediscovered and documented a series of caverns filled with Egyptian artifacts in the early 1900’s, about 300 feet up a cliff –faced-wall above the Colorado River as it passes through the Grand Canyon. A surveyor commissioned by the U.S. government to explore the outlet of the Colorado River as it ran through the Grand Canyon originally discovered these caverns in the late 1800’s. (See Disney movie: Ten Who Dared). The name of this surveyor was, John Wesley Powell.

Now since my last name is also “Powell”, The Lord certainly had once again peaked my interest!

Well, it seems, as history goes, John Wesley Powell had discovered a series of “Ancient Caverns” large enough to house over 50,000 people which were filled with both Egyptian artifacts, idols, and walls on which were carved numerous hieroglyphics depicting the history of Kings and Pharaohs that had visited these caverns. One of the main characters depicted on the walls was of King Zoroaster whose symbol was “Shu” the crocodile head figure. King Zoroaster was chronicled by the hieroglyphics as having made 12 trips from Egypt.

Amongst the stories and descriptions written upon the walls regarding King Zoroaster was that he was the “Son of My Right Hand” with other symbolism depicting that his God was different than the other Egyptian idols. It turns out the King Zoroaster was none other than, wait for it… Joseph the son of Jacob!

Now imagine my surprise when we discovered all of this information, along with pictures of the artifacts and hieroglyphics right there on the Internet. How had we not seen or heard of this before and more importantly, why was The Lord showing this to me?

(Ironically, Google has since removed this site and many others claiming that these websites have violated their terms of service, but I have included links in this document where I have found this information to still be available. (Thank you Way Back Machine!)

While we are at it I should inform you that the Smithsonian Society has stated that they never had such an employee, Colonel Kincaid, and can’t seem to verify if he ever existed and has no record of any of the multiple sarcophagus, gold artifacts and the magnificent history of such a monumental discovery.

Of course, this is the same society that seems to have mysteriously lost the skeletal remains of the former inhabitants of the “Indian Mounds” found throughout the continent over the last 200 years, even though they were photographed and well documented prior to being turned over to the Smithsonian for “Safe Keeping.”

3. King Zoroaster=Joseph of The Bible

According to the hieroglyphics and ancient history that has escaped the traditional anti-God scrubbing, Joseph became King over Egypt after Pharaoh died, as well some of Joseph’s descendants.

6 And Joseph became king over Egypt, for he superintended over all Egypt, and all Egypt was under his care and under his counsel, for all Egypt inclined to Joseph after the death of Pharaoh, and they loved him exceedingly to reign over them. (Jasher 58:6)

(The book of Jasher is an ancient extra-biblical text that provides a historical account of Genesis through Joshua, please see link below for a full copy. I guaranty that you’ll really enjoy reading it)

Remember that Joseph was known and revered by the Egyptians and their rulers for saving all of their lives, while also making Pharaoh the richest ruler of his time. Somehow, as only He can do, The Lord gave Joseph a strategy to establish a new settlement destined to be a “breadbasket” to the world. This new land of Egypt was not just for his “Political” Father Pharaoh but was also a frontier where the sons of Jacob could possibly settle, as the land of Egypt was certainly subject to famine and drought. Remember that Joseph was a brilliant strategist and administrator that knew how seek The Lord and plan ahead to implement solutions.

4. Basic Math

I don’t know about you, but one of the things about the Joseph story in the bible that has always perplexed me was the portion required as a reserve for the famine. If you do the math, his plan for the seven years of famine was to put 20% aside for each of the seven years of plenty preceding the famine.

Using basic math calculations of 20% per year for 7 years gives you a total of less than 1.5 years of reserve. This was meant not only to last over 7 years for all the population of Egypt, but to store enough to even be able to sell to foreigners like Joseph’s brothers along with every other nation in the region that were also victims of the very same drought and famine.

Somehow, I just can’t make the math work with only a little over one year’s provision to keep so many people alive, even with the abundant harvest in the first seven years as the bible states, it’s hard to imagine that there was more than two- or three-years provision in reserve.

Here’s where we need to look between the lines of the story and try to fathom what The Lord’s strategy was that He gave to Joseph. Now Joseph had a seven-year head start to plan for the famine coming and I’m sure that he had more of a plan than to just put aside 20 percent a year knowing that may never be enough, even with abundant harvests for the households of Egypt and the surrounding nations.

At this point, we have to look at the archeological evidence, not only at the Grand Canyon complex of caverns, but also at another almost identical complex of caverns that could house an equal number of settlers, discovered in Illinois (think Midwest fertile plains) by a former Army Ranger by the name of “Barrows.”

This cavern had not yet been looted and was loaded with artifacts tracing all the way back to the time of Joseph and also included evidence of Cleopatra’s family, the Roman empire and all the way up to the house of Luke in the New Testament.

Along with the plethora of other archeological evidence showing Hebrew influence scattered throughout the continent. I believe that we should have enough information from these discoveries to make some educated assumptions, as bizarre as they might seem to the average person.

Joseph had plenty of time to make a few trips back and forth from Egypt to the Grand Canyon site. Back in the time of Joseph’s rule approximately 1800 B.C, some 3800 years ago, the rivers were much higher as evidenced by the cave entrance currently over 1200 feet up a sheer stone wall of rock above the surface of the river or down the same sheer wall 1400 feet from the top. The historical account depicts the cavern entrance as having just a few flights of steps above river level.

The fact that the rivers were much higher in the past could also have allowed Joseph’s ships to forge up the Rio Grande River and the Mississippi River making the trips to the caverns much easier, avoiding the need for land travel only. With multiple layers of topsoil deposited from Noah’s flood, the movement and melting of the glaciers, the plateaus surrounding the locations would have become extremely fertile areas, capable of growing enough grain and food to feed hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

5. Remember, this is God’s plan!

I would imagine that during the first few trips that Joseph began to bring Egyptians to carve out the caverns and(if they were not already existing, having been built by a pre-Noah’s flood civilization) cultivate the fields preparing to produce grain to bring back to Egypt. Also the pattern of the caverns that were dug could suggest a place for the harvesting of gold to make his “Father” Pharaoh very wealthy.

The famine was coming up fast and the people had no idea how dependent they were about to become on Joseph and his God!

When the famine finally had arrived, according to the Book of Jasher, the Egyptian households discovered that vermin had spoiled all the grain that they had set aside for survival.

18 And the seven years of plenty that were throughout the land were at an end, and the seven years of famine came after them as Joseph had spoken, and the famine was throughout the land.

19 And all the people of Egypt saw that the famine had commenced in the land of Egypt, and all the people of Egypt opened their stores of corn for the famine prevailed over them.

20 And they found all the food that was in their stores, full of vermin and not fit to eat, and the famine prevailed throughout the land, and all the inhabitants of Egypt came and cried before Pharaoh, for the famine was heavy upon them.

21 And they said unto Pharaoh, give food unto thy servants, and wherefore shall we die through hunger before thy eyes, even we and our little ones?

22 And Pharaoh answered them, saying, and wherefore do you cry unto me? did not Joseph command that the corn should be laid up during the seven years of plenty for the years of famine? and wherefore did you not hearken to his voice?

23 And the people of Egypt answered the king, saying, as thy soul liveth, our lord, thy servants have done all that Joseph ordered, for thy servants also gathered in all the produce of their fields during the seven years of plenty and laid it in the stores unto this day.

24 And when the famine prevailed over thy servants, we opened our stores, and behold all our produce was filled with vermin and was not fit for food.

(Jasher 50: 18-24).

The scriptures give the account of people of Egypt first selling of their livestock, then their homes and then their own selves into slavery in exchange for enough food to survive. Joseph then began to move them to cities and put them to work.

Although I don’t have solid evidence to support this theory, I firmly believe that in the time that Joseph began to relocate the people, he also proceeded to send many of them to establish the New Egypt settlement and a strategic “breadbasket” on the New Continent.

Let’s take a look at the promises to Joseph and his descendants given in Deuteronomy 33 v 13-17 with what we are discussing in mind to see how all of this fits.

And of Joseph he said:

“Blessed of the LORD is his land,

With the precious things of heaven, with the dew,

And the deep lying beneath,

With the precious fruits of the sun,

With the precious produce of the months,

With the best things of the ancient mountains,

With the precious things of the everlasting hills,

With the precious things of the earth and its fullness,

And the favor of Him who dwelt in the bush.

Let the blessing come on the head of Joseph,

And on the crown of the head of him who was separate from his brothers.’

His glory is like a firstborn bull,

And his horns like the horns of the wild ox;

Together with them

He shall push the peoples to the ends of the earth;

They are the ten thousands of Ephraim,

And they are the thousands of Manasseh.”

(Deuteronomy 33 v 13-17)

So now we come to the place as stated in the scriptures…

“It is the honor of kings to search it out.”

(Proverbs 25:2)

I admit to employing some “Creative License” here, but sometimes we have to try to connect all of the dots the best we can, based on what we do perceive and believe we know.

Joseph was a son that loved his Father and family very much and even after his brothers sold him into slavery, he was able to not only forgive them, but realized what The Lord had done with and to him and was able to declare to them.

As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive.

(Genesis 50:20)

Although he honored his political Father, Pharaoh, Joseph served the God of Abraham, Isaac and his Father, Jacob. Joseph also knew the promises of Almighty God to make a great nation of them. So when Joseph finally gets out of prison and was promoted the same day over all of Egypt, second only to Pharaoh, because of an impending drought, it was decreed;

“Since God has informed you of all this, there is no one so discerning and wise as you are. You shall be over my house, and according to your command all my people shall do homage; only in the throne I will be greater than you.” Pharaoh said to Joseph, “See, I have set you over all the land of Egypt.”

So when all the land of Egypt was famished, the people cried out to Pharaoh for bread; and Pharaoh said to all the Egyptians, “Go to Joseph; whatever he says to you, you shall do.”

(Genesis 41: 39-41, 55)

The Lord gives him a directive to travel to a land of great harvest with instructions to establish a settlement there. Now instead of just placing Egyptians there to oversee things, I believe, “believe” being a key word here, that Joseph who loved his family and knows of the promises of God to make a great nation of the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, sees the problems and severe limitations of Egypt. He also perceives the limitless potential of this new land and appoints his family members to oversee the development, farming and the gold harvesting. This deployment of family would account for the many archeological discoveries of Hebrew influence across the newly discovered continent.

Interestingly enough, the Hopi Indians and other First Nations tribes that settled around the Grand Canyon settlement were aware of the Hebrew/Egyptians Names of the ruins such as the Mountain of Set, temple formations and the ziggurats that are said to remain partially even to this day.

6. Possible Origins of The American Indians

The more that I researched this; the more I found that there was an abundance of documented history leading back to very early inhabitants of the American Continent. When discussing my findings with a trusted spiritual mentor, he told me that he had recently seen a “History Channel Documentary” on the caverns and suggested that also I try to find the book “America B.C.” I followed his advice and although the book was out of print, I was able to obtain it from a company that sold used books. What proved to be very interesting was the discovery of numerous archeological sites on this continent that were dated over a thousand of years B.C.

This really got me going on quite an even more intense quest to find out exactly what The Lord wanted me to know. I really felt in my spirit that this was somehow about the origin of the American Indians, but I needed to back this up with more info from research.

I had seen a documentary about trying to link some First Nation people to the descendants of Aaron and the priestly line using DNA testing. However, this fell short of providing convincing proof. To me what seemed to be the common point of failure in the many of the studies that I observed was the use of post-diaspora DNA. By that time, thousand of years later, there had been so much intermarriage and geographical relocations causing so much DNA dilution of the people groups sampled, that the testing could not reach any definitive conclusions. However, I did find a study that seemed to verify what I believed to be true.

7. The Cherokee Connection

My “Pay Dirt” was a “DNA Study” that showed that the Cherokee from Western North Carolina, and only those that had escaped the “Trail of Tears” atrocity, had a “T” marker in their DNA of 26%. The other relocated Cherokee and First Nations people had gone through too much gene dilution through marriage and intermingling with Western and European settlers to establish any connection.

Now this DNA “T” marker found in the Western North Carolina Cherokees is only found in One other people group throughout the world and that is in the Egyptian people who just so happen to have the same 26% in their DNA.

At this point, you’re asking, “What does this have to do with Joseph? This quest to do a little dot connecting leads us to look at exactly who Joseph’s descendants would be. Remember that Joseph was married to an Egyptian, meaning that both Manasseh and Ephraim were half Hebrew and half Egyptian. So when we look once again at Jacob’s Blessing over Joseph and the promises to his descendants in Deut 33 13-17 and also

In the Blessing spoken over Manasseh and Ephraim, we see a plan of great multiplication and expansion. Take heed to notice that both of The Blessings spoken over them concern not just Canaan and later Israel, but the entire earth!

His glory is like a firstborn bull,

And his horns like the horns of the wild ox;

Together with them

He shall push the peoples to the ends of the earth;

They are the ten thousands of Ephraim,

And they are the thousands of Manasseh.”

“The God before whom my fathers Abraham and Isaac walked,

The God who has been my shepherd all my life to this day,

The angel who has redeemed me from all evil,

Bless the lads;

And may my name live on in them,

And the names of my fathers Abraham and Isaac;

And may they grow into a multitude in the midst of the earth.”

(Genesis 48: 15-16)

Now the hieroglyphics found in the Grand Canyon caverns depict Joseph visiting that settlement twelve times. Since Joseph ruled Egypt for 80 years, this would give him plenty of time to visit and assess the new frontiers. Joseph was made King of Egypt after Pharaoh died as his descendants had great favor with the Egyptians.

These same hieroglyphic writings speak of the descendants of Joseph, whether they were kings or just rulers of influence, visiting these new frontiers numerous times. This would explain the abundance of evidence of Hebrew and Egyptian influence found among the archeological discoveries of Indian mounds and building ruins.

Don’t forget that Joseph served only “The Most High God” as so did his brothers and their descendants, while the Egyptians served many pagan entities. So how were they going to ensure that they could continue to establish their influence of their bloodline posterity in this “New World”, only by populating every settlement with education and worship of the one true God! Read of the favor and influence that Joseph and his descendants held in the eyes of all of Egypt.

15 And Joseph's wife Osnath the daughter of Potiphera bare him two sons, Manasseh and

Ephraim, and Joseph was thirty-four years old when he begat them.

16 And the lads grew up and they went in his ways and in his instructions, they did not

deviate from the way which their father taught them, either to the right or left.

17 And the Lord was with the lads, and they grew up and had understanding and skill in all

wisdom and in all the affairs of government, and all the king's officers and his great men of

the inhabitants of Egypt exalted the lads, and they were brought up amongst the king's children.

(Jasher 50 15-17)

This favor gave the Hebrews the ability to institute the worship of their God, Jehovah, in every part of the New Egypt or Memphis as it was referred to in the ancient writings. This influence is evident in the archeological findings found throughout this continent.

8. The Hebrew-First Nations Connection

With all of this information being brought into the light now, what really do the Cherokee have in common with their possible Hebrew ancestors? Could they even be offspring of aspects of a lost tribe of the Jews? If so, do the same promises of Jehovah to His people that carry His Name apply to them also? If so, what needs to be done to see those promises come to pass and what would restoration look like? Are we seeing any signs of this now in our lifetime?

Before we begin to examine similarities between these two groups, let’s look at culture and how we perceive it. Does it offer us any clues of a Hebrew heritage in the culture of the Cherokee people? How do we even perceive and interpret their cultures?

9. Rose, Amber, Green or Blue Colored Glasses?

To be perfectly transparent and truthful, we need to be honest enough to admit that we view other cultures based on how we were brought up in our own culture. Generally, we hold up ours as an example of how others should be, not because that is right, but more often because it is all we know. We all wear glasses that have different color lens that tend to shade everything we see and perceive in the light of the color of our culture. However, when we do this, we miss what The Lord is doing and forming in these other cultures to become that reflection of Who He is and what are His Promises to them.

When I was first introduced to the study of Hebrew roots and culture, I was blessed with a mentor that had grown up from her youth in a strict Orthodox family. Her family was so very set in their Jewish culture, that when she became a believer of Jesus Christ as her Messiah, her Jewish Orthodox family had a mock funeral to signal that she was now considered dead to them. I then realized that I had no idea what price was paid by other cultures when they accept Jesus.

This was just the beginning of my trying to comprehend how different living in other cultures was from the life that I knew and lived.

After learning about the price that the Jewish people had paid throughout history and the countless persecutions that they were subject to for thousands of years, I just couldn’t understand why they would keep engaging in the traditions that so easily identified them as Jews. I looked at all of the clothing that was worn by certain sects for hundred of years and wondered why they were keeping with such obvious traditions that brought so much ridicule and persecution. Once again trying to put the reasoning of my culture on them!

It wasn’t until I received the understanding that if they had assimilated into the surrounding people groups over thousands of years, they would have lost their own identity as a distinct people group. Meaning that when it came time to fulfill the promises made to His people to bring them back from the outer ends of the earth where He had scattered them to make a great nation of them in their own land, they would have lost all of their identity resulting in not knowing of His Promises or their destiny.

We must also look at the fact that no matter where in the world they were displaced to, the enemy never ceased to steal, kill and destroy them as the beneficiaries of the promises of The Lord, yet to be fulfilled. But God!!!

Now let’s look at the First Nation people as descendants of the same promises since they share the same bloodline. They have been forsaken, betrayed, subject to numerous broken covenants and even genocide. They also were corralled, marched under threat of death and then incarcerated in desolate barren encampments.

It was the intent by our government that they would not prosper or even barely survive but would eventually cease entirely from even being a people group.

I don’t know about you, but in my ignorance of both their culture and the Plan of God, I struggled to understand why the First Nations people, having the very same rights as a citizen of The United States as you and I do, would not move to a more prosperous location, start businesses, get financially rewarding educations and careers, while assimilating into “modern society.”

Little did I know that they might just be walking away from their destinies and future legacies, missing the Promises of The Lord to make of them a “great nation” and recipients of His Promises that He has made throughout time and scripture to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

With a little research, I have found an incredible amount of evidence that substantiates the “Hebrew/Cherokee Connection.” This connection is also evidenced by the information included in this short documentary highlighting “The First Nations” history. Make sure that you take a look at the links provided and watch the attached videos, especially this one!

Throughout the history of First Nations people, there have been countless stories of the “Appearances of Jesus” to each and every tribe. Known as the “Great White Warrior,” “The Man in White” and many other names. Jesus has revealed Himself to His people even as He is now doing now to Muslims, Hindu’s and every other people group. These “Historic Encounters” have been passed down through the elders of each and every tribe for countless years, along with the numerous prophecies spoken by their prophets and medicine men concerning the destiny of their people.

I believe that in the times to come, most likely in the “time of Jacob’s troubles” during worldwide persecution of The Jewish people that that their brothers, the “First Nations People”, will arise to shelter and protect their persecuted brethren. At that time, there will arise even more discovery of the bloodline relationship and the “Similarities of Culture”, resulting in the embracing of their lost, but newly discovered family. This will open the door to one of the greatest stories of redemption and fulfillment of destiny ever told and demonstrated by The Father through His Son, Jesus Christ!

Could this also possibly be what Jesus was speaking about to His disciples in John 10 v 16?

I have other sheep, which are not of this fold; I must bring them also, and they will hear My voice; and they will become one flock with one shepherd.

(John 10 v 16)

Article by
Michael Powell


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